Wednesday, 29 July 2015

GameJolt Kingdom-V 0.7

The second build of Kingdom, version 0.7, is now live on GameJolt!

After a week of polishing and bug fixing Kingdom 0.7 is finally ready to be released. You can find the latest build at:

So a lot of things have been added in this release which became a little hard to keep track of. I've compiled a list of the most important changes in this update.

Major Updates
- Defend Game Mode
- Free Battle Mode
- Map Screen
- Settings
- New Hud Design
- Seige Tower Machine
- 2 New Maps
- Battle Music
- Unit Placement Music

Minor Updates
- Grass models
- rock models
- Fps Counter
- Camera movement smoother
- Wooden Planks Texture

Bug Fixes
- Improvements to A.I reducing lag
- Lowered Physics quality to increase performance
- Camera can now be controlled with mouse in windowed mode
- Balancing of units

And that pretty much covers everything. Have fun.
Hungryum Games Developer

Hungryum Games is an Australian indie video game developer based in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2009, Hungryum Games has been releasing a variety of online games and is currently developing for the mobile market.

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