Sunday, 6 November 2016


These past couple of months have surely been keeping me busy. I've gone and started two new projects and am in the middle of restarting an old one (More to come on that).

First up let me introduce BasketShot; a basketball orientated high score game being developed for Android. The aim of BasketShot is to shoot as many hoops as possible in a row, for each successful shot you get a point, which contributes to your high score at the end. Missing a shot will result in game-over and will display your score for that round.

I decided to make the game fairly challenging, as most high score games are. This is because of three factors; The power meter that determines how much force goes into the throw, the angle you are throwing from and the timing of the launch depending on the balls height. If you can get all these factors correct it should create a nice arc for an accurate shot. I've still got quite a few ideas floating around of where I can further take this game but for now check out some pre-alpha game-play footage below!

BasketShot (Alpha GamePlay)

Eventually I would like to add various environments such as a stadium for players to unlock. I'm still deciding on the type of camera I prefer, the two choices being a first person or isometric view. If possible I might decide on both and use the isometric view for a level based trick shot mode.
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