Monday, 22 June 2015


So Supanova is this weekend and thanks to Central and the lecturers who will be attending the event  I am able to showcase my game (Kingdom) at their booth. About a week ago I started preparing the final version ready for Supernova. The game isn't finished yet, but I was able to build a nice demo for the people attending the event to try out and hopefully give feedback. I've added a lot of new things such as improved A.I, new particle effects, terrain, dynamic camera and the objective of defending the battering ram. The U.I has also been overhauled with a simplified version of the tutorial.

Here's the poster I made for Supanova

And a few Screenshots of the game

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Hungryum Games is an Australian indie video game developer based in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2009, Hungryum Games has been releasing a variety of online games and is currently developing for the mobile market.


  1. At the expo. Your game was practically unplayable :(.. It's memory leaking everywhere!

  2. Yeah, it was unfortunate :/. They decided to run my game from a really old computer, oh well. At least I still managed to make a lot of progress on the game development side.