Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Class Game Project

It's been a while since my last blog post, but this week I would like to share another game. Yes, I have been working on a few two many games as of late and slipping behind schedule although this game was developed in the span of two weeks through the contribution of the entire games class here at Central Tafe and I'm quite proud of what we achieved.

The game came into fruition after Andy, our lecturer here at tafe, organised a small game jam between the two game classes to compete for glory. The theme picked was 'Get Your Arse to Mars', a rather odd theme from which the idea for the game was conceived.

 Gameplay image of the launch pad.

I was assigned the role of co-programmer working alongside Max and Adam, who are also skilled programmers. Working in separate projects to start, we built the foundation of the game using the Unity Engine and C# as our scripting language. We then moved on to combining the projects into one where a few issues arose but managed to get everything functional in the end.

Another Gameplay image flying through space

I feel we achieved making a great game in such a short amount of time and hopefully the late hours were worth it in the end. This has been another great learning experience for me working alongside other coders and seeing how they organise their scripts. Working as a team has also been very insightful into what it may be like working for a larger game company.

If you want to try out the game you can play it over at GameJolt:

Have fun!
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