Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Kingdom Progress 4

It's the start of a fresh new year and I'm just getting back into it after playing countless hours of Final Fantasy XV and a relaxing 2 week holiday. While the holiday was nice I think I'm ready to start work on my latest project; and that project would be Kingdom!

It's been a while since I last touched Kingdom. Unfortunately development of Outside the Box completely consumed all of my time with little to no avail. Total downloads have barely reached 150 with current installs sitting around 40. I think a big part of it's flunk was not marketing the game while it was being developed. Which is one of the reasons I'm bringing Kingdom back to life.

A couple months back Kingdom was featured by a prominent youtuber, BaronVonLet'sPlay, who played the early alpha version after discovering it on Gamejolt. Thanks to him and a few other youtubers who also gave it a go the amount of downloads skyrocketed and it seemed a lot of people were excited to see it finished.

Here's BaronVon's video if you wish to give it a watch:

So I got back to work on this ancient game of mine and re-coded the entire thing from the ground up as my initial code was a giant mess! It is now running a lot more efficiently with smoother camera controls and less calculations per unit. I've added a couple new features to the game. First up are the new attacking animations for all the units, bringing them to life and making them less rigid looking. Secondly are a brand new unit class, the wizard! Check it out below:

I've just about finished programming the unit but balancing still needs a little work. I'm hoping to get the next update out some time next month!

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