Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Encom(Tron) - GameDevelopment

Lately I've had a lot of free time; with my studies finally out of the way I can finally work full time developing games, except I've still got a part time job. Most of my development time has gone towards polishing Outside the Box preparing it for release, but as a side project I've been recreating one of my earlier games I made during high school, Tron.

The original game was made using Game Maker, a 2D game creation software that barely supported 3D. This time I had a greater advantage using Unity; in the span of 2 days I programmed the bike's movement and trail and had a playable build by the end. I've uploaded a video time-lapse of the first few days. It probably took me about a month to develop up to the same point while using Game Maker.

Time Lapse

Around a week later the game is almost ready for release, it just has a few bugs to fix and a bit of polish to be done. I also plan to add a few single player levels for those that want a challenge. After the first two days I forgot to continue recording so I left it for a while until I had a nice build to show. Here's some game-play footage of the game closer to completion.

Game-play Footage

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