Friday, 25 March 2016

Outside The Box Development 3

Alright, so it's been a while since I've mentioned any progress with Outside the Box so I thought I would share a bit of what's new.

First up is the newly implemented Unlock System for cube skins, backgrounds and player skins. The game starts with all skins being locked, unable to purchase until the player begins the game. As you complete 3d mazes you're presented with the chance of unlocking any skin or additional coins through rolling a dice. After the dice lands and a side is chosen, say background, a row of backgrounds appear and start rolling sideways. Eventually the backgrounds stop and whatever is in the middle when it finishes will be unlocked. Now that a background is unlocked the player can find it in the store and purchase it using the in game coins.

I chose this system of unlocking then purchasing because if everything was unlocked from the start the player could just purchase their favorite background/skin/ball first, making the rest obsolete and the currency worthless. I think players will find it exciting unlocking different skins using this system.

GamePlay Footage and Unlock System

Next I've added the Save function, as you probably can tell, saves the game. A lot of planning went in to getting the save function working correctly. The game saves a multitude of data from which levels are completed, the levels time, your current currency, all the unlocked skins and all the purchased skins. These arrays are loaded from the start of the game and are saved at the end of a level and when the player returns to the menu.

And Lastly I created a maze walking A.I that wonders aimlessly around the 2d maze. I haven't quite figured out a purpose for the guy but he makes the maze a little more interesting. I might have him as an enemy in the Maze Trial game mode I plan to work on next. The Trial will have the player solving increasingly difficult mazes as fast as possible before their life runs out. As you travel through the maze the ball will shrink and when it's gone the game ends and you're presented with your score. There will be health orbs scattered throughout the maze that increase your size to go a little further and possibly the enemy to slow you down.

Well that's about everything, not much else is new besides a few bug fixes here and there and some graphical improvements. I've now finished 30 3D mazes out of a planned total of 100. Just 70 more to go! maybe... I always say the game will be released in the next month but this time I really am aiming for release! Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll try my game when it eventually comes out. :)

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