Sunday, 5 February 2017

Kingdom Progress 5

Alright, a bit of update news on Kingdom's development.

So far there are two new units currently completed, the wizard and the troll, with a third on the way before the release of the next patch. These units will be Fantasy based compared to the original three which where Medieval.
A sneaky peak at these units:
(Wizard on the left, Troll on the right)

I've also been working on new buildings/structures for the "Fantasy kingdom", which will be situated somewhere in the mountainous region of the map. Once the buildings are complete I can work on the new level where they'll be used.

Another sneaky peak at the Fantasy buildings:
(Can you guess where the design is influenced from?)

And that's pretty much it; exciting stuff. If you want to stay updated with more Kingdom news you can follow my Facebook or Twitter at:
I'm planning on an end of February release, so see ya when the patch is out!
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