Friday, 12 February 2016

Space Toast and Encom Release

Over the course of Feburary I've been busy setting up my equipment over at Toast Space, a work space in the city that me and a few mates from tafe are renting. We also plan to collaborate on a few projects under the name Space Toast, check out the Facebook page! Now that everything's set up I can set aside my time and get straight to work developing the rest of Outside the Box.

In other news the side project I've been working on, Encom, is finally bug free and available for download. I've added a lot more since the last build including bike explosions, more sound fx, death cams and an arcade survival mode. In the future I plan to add an obstacle course featuring Recognizers to really test the players.

Download link for Encom:

Or if you prefer to play in browser try:

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