Saturday, 7 November 2015

Outside the Box - Development 2 & Facebook Page

A few days ago Outside the box had it's first play test which turned out to be very informative. For the play test I had prepared 3 cube mazes, 2 sphere mazes and a single hexagonal sphere maze (A sphere shaped out of hexagons and triangles). From the players experience most agreed that the hexagonal sphere maze was the best thanks to it's complexity. They described the cube and sphere mazes to be too easy to solve and enjoyed the challenge of the hexagonal maze. A special thanks to Max ( who provided the geospheres plugin for Maya.

A Screenshot of the Hexagonal Sphere Maze

I've also included a store from which players can purchase skins for either the ball, maze or background using the in game currency. This allows for a variety of customization options for the player adding a more personal experience. I'll be continually adding more skins as the game develops. 

In other news, Hungryum Games now has it's own Facebook page! 

I plan to use the page to promote my current and future projects and hopefully form a community around the development of video games. Go check it out, so far it's a little empty but there will be exciting news to come in the following months, so leave a like.... cheers!

Link to Facebook Page:
Hungryum Games Developer

Hungryum Games is an Australian indie video game developer based in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2009, Hungryum Games has been releasing a variety of online games and is currently developing for the mobile market.